Solar Ready Roofing
A growing trend in the commercial building industry is the use of rooftop space as a location for electricity generation equipment. This development has sparked incredible growth in the installation of rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems. A double-digit PV sales trend in recent years is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

Smart building owners and managers who are evaluating an investment in solar are also considering installing a new roofing system prior to or in conjunction with the PV implementation.

Duro-Last: The Solar-Ready Roofing System
The Duro-Last roof system is ideal for any commercial rooftop solar application. It’s precision-fabricated to fit each building, and delivered to the job site with up to 85% of membrane seaming completed in our factory. Also, custom fabricated stack, curb and other flashings eliminate nearly 100% of rooftop labor from the most critical roof areas: transitions, changes of plane, and the roof-penetrating support structures that are common for many PV installations.

Duro-Last’s prefabrication approach means that you can be confident of a long-term, watertight fit – a major consideration when the membrane will be covered with solar panels, and future access to the roof surface will be limited. Prefabrication also means that your new Duro-Last roof will require minimal maintenance through the years.

Regardless of the specific PV technology you are considering, Duro-Last is the ideal membrane to install on your roof deck first. It’s “solar-ready” – engineered to accommodate all photo-voltaic systems available on the market today.

Engineered for Long Life
Duro-Last’s membrane for PV applications boasts 28 mils of thickness above the membrane’s scrim, and a 30-year track record of quality. Exclusive patents and prefabrication combine to provide the dependable watertight performance that’s needed under your solar equipment. Before our industry-leading warranty is issued, the roof installation is fully inspected by a Duro-Last Technical Representative.

These details combine to provide performance that matches and even exceeds the life expectancy of most rooftop solar systems.

For Everywhere Under The Sun
Do you have multiple facilities? The Duro-Last roofing system is installed by a nationwide network of authorized installers, so you can be assured of a consistent installation in every location.

Added Value: High Reflectivity
With the industry’s highest initial membrane reflectivity, you may achieve a quicker payback of your PV system investment due to energy savings resulting from high reflectivity in roof areas exposed to the sun. Installing high R-value expanded polystyrene insulation under the membrane can provide a payback that’s even faster.

Ready Now; Ready In The Future
If your current roof is leaking and needs replacing, and you’re not yet in the market for PV, the formulation of the Duro-Last membrane will allow for the application of solar equipment down the road. It remains weldable and easily accommodates any new penetrations that may be required – whether for solar systemsor other rooftop equipment.

Even with the ongoing drop in the cost of photovoltaic systems, an investment in PV remains a significant financial commitment. If you are considering a future investment in solar, keep in mind that the cost of replacing your current roof with a new Duro-Last roofing system will be a fraction of your total investment.

Your new Duro-Last roof can be part of a complete rooftop sustainability system. By installing a Duro-Last roof, you are uniquely “solar-ready.”